May 10, 2011

Our Childhood Shows that ended so Soon.

The Lizzie McGuire
This Television Series taught us that ordinary kids who knows how to handle things when there was a problem can be a superstar. It also showed us that we can all be both a cartoon character and a real person with loving funny heart. And we can dream Big!

Who would have thought that samurai swords are the coolest weapon that our boyfriends could have? The day when we dreamt of being a warrior or being Kagome, the time when we wished Kagome will tell her true feelings to Inuyasha that taught us that we could fall in love anytime or anywhere, upon our Conquest in finding real Magical Jewels.

The Amanda Show
Admit it, we all miss Little Amanda Bynes, I was in Grade 1 by this time, so I Don’t know the main story but all I can remember was the laughter brought to me by this series and the thing that drove me to become a Little Host in a T.V. show :D
Laugh out Loud.

Princess Sarah
Nth time aired in ABS-CBN local network, this series will never die, my sister was in the 4th grade and I was only 1 year old. She used to go home early to watch this awesome series, and she was taught to be like Lavinga (No! Kidding) well, this series made us feel like a princess in our own little hearts that taught us many good reasons to smile and be loved for our imaginations.
Kim Possible
The reason why everyone of us wants to learn martial arts is because of Kim Possible, she who fights evil scary villains as well as her normal teenager problems. And she who fights her feelings for Ron.
Call me, Beep me!

That’s so Raven!
Girls are becoming psychic wanna be because of Raven. HAHAHAHA.No Actually, this show taught us the most common proverb:  Everything happens for a reason. And we shouldn’t control it to happen, never be afraid of the future (If ever you are psychic like raven, for we are just gonna be trouble) :D


Like any teenager everyone can relate with Addie Singer (Emma Roberts), being a song writer for her feelings which she cannot express, because she thought that she’s such a loser, who is secretly obsess in one of the hot guys in her school, But then again we see that Addie is so Fabulous that she brought new shyness to everyone of us, making her our Inspiration.

Writing this makes me go back to Childhood again, and be like eating in the floor with your Mom feeding you, while watching Princess Sarah. I'm sure that even though this shows aren't anymore aired in different Networks, it will always  be played by our own imaginations and Heart.
This is a picture of Me and Arvin, watching  Cartoon Network, we were Childhood Friends .