May 15, 2011

Time with my little revenge

At May 13, 8a.m. we headed to Calabanga, Camarines Sur for an outing with my Mom's friends. I brought my Bestfriend Camera again.
This is my Favorite, Escaped Slippers :) Fitflops.

It was a hotel like resort and the facilities was really Good. I went out being overwhelmed by the environment. 

This is a place to be if you are looking for a state of the art relaxation all day :) I also had the time to forget things in the city, and have a little break.

I am with my Mom's Bestfriends. I never expected grown up people to have chikkas too like teenagers do, they talk about love life and gadgets and they crack jokes and laugh really hard.

I was with them too, they're the daughters of Tita Glenda. <3 Though I never had the chance to talk to them, they were shy or afraid (I guess). =))))) DO I LOOK LIKE A PRINICIPAL?
It was good to have some little Break for a while, never thinking of Problems, just enjoying the ride of the afternoon. They have the Water Bike, though it made my butt hurt, it was so gooooood. Hahahahaha =)))) 

I also enjoyed swimming alone. It looks like our private pool, But NO! really, it is just that the Place is so quiet and there are few people.

There are Cabana Rooms too, if you'll bring your whole family members overnight plus It is cozy there, though we didn't have the chance to get in because we paid for the Table and Umbrella only (because it is inexpensive and we are not going to stay there Overnight) (Laughs)

There is also a Restaurant, where you can dine in but we didn't eat there, because we had a bunch of Snacks waiting on our Umbrella tent.

There is also a balcony upstairs and the view was so great. It is a Blog worthy you could feel Happiness and Satisfaction and love from nature.

and the Bridge is so Dramatic 

Then I had a little sleep, with my Earphones 

In the End what's the sweetest thing in this Visit is the fact that I had a Tan =)))) Last Year, I tried my best to be Whiter, Skinny, and Taller, but right now I had my freaking Tan Skin, Uneven Skin tones and a heavy weight, Because just this time I realized nothing is greater when you are having fun, It is a little revenge for myself being me just me. No one else.

The Place is so Great for Recreation and Breaks. I am so going back here, to date the man of my dreams. (LOL) 

We went back home feeling Tired but Happy.

This is a View from the window pane.