May 8, 2017

Series I've seen (while in my own depression)

I am back (for the meantime)!!!! 

Today, I want to write about other things aside from love and acads. I am well aware that my blog is boring. Let's not forget the fact that I'm currently lacking in photos. Wait lang mga bes! I’ll have another hiatus for 6 months. I will finish some shitty things in my life first. Then I will finally write exciting things.  I just don’t have the focus yettt and the money and the time and what have yeeew. 

Sometimes, I get really dumb and I can’t figure shits out. I am also finding it strenuous to write, lately. It’s like everything that I write has NO HOPE IN IT. It’s like: "bleh, put this girl back in highschool," that kind of stuff, that kind of self-pitying monster whore.

Anyway enough of the small talk. Last March I got into a really awful depression. A depression I couldn’t write yet. Uhuh! I think I am suffering from a mild depression, which involves eating too much carbs. ANNNNND, watching too much Netflix, hihi yes I have an unlimited access to Netflix thanks to my sister for letting me steal her account LOL.

These are the series that I’ve seen. Don’t expect a full review hahahaha I don’t do that kind of formal stuff. Also, this does not involve any spoilers (you’re good to go!) It contains, side comments only, which are so irrelevant, you might just want to check out the posters and google it by yourself hahahaha.

1. Gilmore Girls

If we still haven’t met yet or you don't know me that much (except for some baristas), know that I HATE COFFEE!!!! I am caffeine intolerant. I like ordering decaffeinated stuff LOL. However, watching the whole series makes me want to undergo a caffeine intolerance treatment hahahha. Coffee is the perfect companion while watching this. Lorelai and Rory makes coffee looks extremely good. I want to have a taste of their cup as well lol. I love this series, it’s super light and fun. One of my favorites after Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. *Insert heart emojis*

2. A Series of Unfortunate Events

DEPRESSING but good. It’s also refreshing, to see Neil Patrick Harris as a villain you’d love to hate Hahahahahahahhaha what????? Go figure. Why do you have to write such awful things, Lemony Snicket, and still love you anyway????

3. Stranger Things

I’ve already seen this, November of last year, but I’ve decided to watch it all over again this March. UHMMMM YUP, it’s that fantastic that I am willing to watch it again for the second time, or for the third time, and the fourth and so on, until Season 2 comes. I’ve been begging my sister to watch this, but she’s not much into sci-fi things. She didn’t even finish the first episode (what a downer!). At first, I’m also not a fan of anything sci-fi, dystopian, chuvalooo. This series just basically changes the face of a sci-fi thriller and is also, cute!

4. 13 Reasons Why

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. THIS SHOW IS FVCKED UP, LIKE SERIOUSLY. ALSO, TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SEEN THIS. PLEASE STOP INVALIDATING HANNAH’S FEELINGS. BOO! Great series, btw. Although, I find the book more gripping. I’ve seen more gruesome suicide cases, but but but this one is closer to my heart. Hehe P.S. I am not suicidal. But, if you’re in love with me, tell me nooooow. I need to fvcking know, now!

5. Riverdale

COLE SPROUSE IS TOO HOT FOR MY LIFE. I can't even. Also, what the hell happened last episode? OKAY. If you love mystery, with fashion that is superb, and teens that are way hotter for your life hahaha, this is for you.

6. Girlboss

This is the series of my fvcking life in another dimension hahahahahaha! Although, I have some setbacks to how Sophia’s life was portrayed (i.e. the shoplifting and stealing, have been a little too much), I want it to be more empowering. I’m still hoping for a good comeback next season. This is an inspiring new story for women!!! I haven’t read the book yet, but it’s definitely on my list.

7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Fab! Fab! Fab! I love Ellie Kemper so much. I'm almost sounding just like her, gosh darn mommy fudger! I like the fact that they're tackling critical societal issues without going profound or serious. The series is full of wits, and jokes that are nonetheless empowering to the minority! Stay unbreakable, Kimmy Schmidt! Your smile makes my life a little brighter. I can't wait to watch for the 3rd season!


Annyeong! Hahahahah I can’t believe it. I’ve been summoned by the devil to destroy my sleeping pattern and watch Korean series. Hahaha One Korean series = 16 to 20 hours of binge watching. Kamsahamnida!

One of my friends said, she’s now okay being single forever, so as long as Korean series streams forever. Hahaha I agree. Every Korean series, which I’ve seen, gave me fvcking goosebumps. Like, when the hell did that happen to my life with someone? Never! Only in Korean series!

As everyone said, “Nilamon na!”

These are my favorites (in order):

Descendants of the Sun

Love in the Moonlight

Uncontrollably Fond

Legend of The Blue Sea

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

I know there're still a lot of great Korean series out there which I haven't seen yet hihi. We are all kind of wishing that time would allow us to watch them all. Haha good luck streaming!

That ends it. I hope you get to watch some of them. If you're suffering from a mild depression, remember that: "This too shall pass!"



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