January 22, 2016

Have you ever

Have you ever dreamt of something so big,
you dream about them in delight
in hopeful cries you fight
no matter how hard it is to dig?

Have you ever made wrong choices,
you speak about them as bad luck
how you wish you could've go back,
at the time you could've made other wishes?

Have you ever fallen in love so deep,
but you're the only one who knows,
who couldn't even stand a chance, you suppose
that is why you couldn't get a good night sleep?

Have you ever been so tired of trying to rhyme this poem, when you actually want to write it this way, and tell me why you're sad. How do you even write, all the feelings you don't want to feel? Tell yourself: you are not what you think you are! You are a shallow, dramatic, oversensitive girl -- who couldn't even get to prove herself wrong. You keep on reminding yourself; "If you end this, you lose." You keep on losing anyway.

Have you ever been so tired of trying to love yourself,
but the more you try, the harder it is to accept,
how many times will you cry yourself to bed,
thinking of the things you should've done but you didn't?

The light in your eyes for dreaming of something so big, is slowly fading away,
what happened? have you made the wrong choices or your right choices didn't match you?
Is there such a thing of wanting something, you couldn't have, but you try to have it anyway?
For how long will you be in love, and cry at night for not being good enough?

Have you ever been