August 16, 2015

It’s not our fault

It’s not our fault,

That sometimes we are emotionless or blank

That we are not yet good enough for someone over something

That we doubt, even our greatest strengths

That we spent midnights crying while studying for exams

That we are scared of disappointing everyone

That our smiles mean nothing anymore

That sometimes we go to bed hating God

That we are in love with someone who doesn’t even know it

That we aren’t loved back

That we are blind to see the truth

That we write love letters for someone who wouldn’t even read it

That we tell beautiful lies to ourselves

That happiness is something difficult to find

That the reality of life is not always worth celebrating

That letting go is the only option

That there are so much love out there and yet you can never have one

It’s not our fault that sometimes the universe is against us.

But that's okay

I couldn't explain to you why

but know that this is not the end

someday, this will all make sense

someday, we'd find love amidst all the hardships

someday, we'd get to be able to feel again

and that the gaps in our writings, will be filled with bubbly things again

someday, we will finally understand God and why it happened

someday, we'd get to be free and do what we love

someday, we'd learn that not everything lasts forever

On that "Someday", our dreams will come true.

and that eventually, the universe will conspire to help us achieve what we want.

Truly yours,

P.S. It's not my fault, that I couldn't write fast and well today