December 31, 2014

The certainties of 2014

To the amazing year of the horse,

How fast can you really be?

I am in awe of how you mixed tragedy and happily ever after, into one unforgettable you. Thank you for making me less dramatic yet too emotional at the same time. I, myself, couldn't understand what I've just written.

As I looked back to 2014, I am very much grateful for a year full of great highs and lows. Yin-Yang. Truly, there is always good in the bad.

I came up with a compilation of quotes, all coming from my blogposts/books/statuses, I wrote this year.  

Taken via Instagram (c)sweeteranna

Jan. Feb. "You are what you believe yourself to be." 

Mar. "Maybe, I should stop using "Maybe", instead I should start believing in Certainties. Thus, I am certainly moving forward."

Apr.May. "Tigsik ko ang summer classes, dahil jan permi naka'glasses, habo ko man pati ta hassle, shit really happens" 

Jun. "So here I am, not going to promise things like "I am going to do the best this semester", "I will start right", "I will not anymore procrastinate" and what have you. Instead, what I am about to do is just to "Be myself" and "Stay Positive".

Jul.Aug. "Falling in love with the wrong person is karma sugar coated."

Sept. "On your twenties, I would not say something like "Be mature!" No, no, instead I would like you to enjoy your life freely, as you always have. "

Oct. "How do you know when it's still worth fighting for?

Nov. "And so I wonder, what I am for the choices I did. So I made up my mind and I chose the word, "Sweeter." It's always sweeter the second, third, fourth and infinite times around."

Dec. "I could've wished for something deeper, something immense, something poetic and smart."

I could not honestly have wished for more

To 2014, the biggest, most dramatic, turning point of my life --Cheers. Also, I am forever grateful to; the girl with unrequited love, to yssa- my valentine's date this year, rosary and the 3rd party, mariane and ester, to the summer enrolment volunteers, to my never ending drama at the library, to Kat and the late night law class, to the librarian and to my dressmaker - 2 persons, I probably hate the most in the whole universe this 2014, to financial management 1, taxation and the cost-accounting heavy midnight crying. Lastly, to when I started crying at the jeep March 1, 2014, I don't know who saw me there, but I just want to say, "HAHA! I'm moving forward, folks!". Ughhh, you made 2014 the most wonderful year! I cannot wait to graduate and to continue what I once started. 

They told me, this year is a "bueno" & It was. I am extremely grateful. I know there is a better way of writing this down, but believe me, this is how insane yet unforgettable the year was.

Anna Patricia