November 30, 2014

A guide to my Christmas Wishes

Dear Santa Claus,

I made shopping easier for you!!!

It feels like yesterday, when I wrote my Christmas Wishes 2013. Anyway, things haven't really changed. I'm still a little demanding, a little childish, and more ambitious and assuming. The good thing is, 2014 have been a major turning point of my life. I feel like a lot of things happened this year and, I made sure I'm a good girl, santa. Twenty it is! 

I made up Twenty Christmas wishes this year! (Haha I told you, I'm still ambitious, ahem more ambitious!). I've been planning on my Christmas wish-list since the sembreak, thinking about it makes me ecstatic! However, you should know and I always say this; I am the type of person, who accepts and appreciates any gifts (meaning, in whatever form!) Trust me. I'm not being "pa-humble", "pa-sweet", I'm just being "pa-honest" lol. Nevertheless, I hope you grant my wishes. Oops! Did I just make another wish? Haha! 

1.) "Shut up and Kiss me" by Happy Skin Cosmetics

I've been planning on buying one, ever since January of this year (when I did not receive it last year!) and I always resort to saying the words; "next week!" then "next week!". It's already December and I still don't have it. Hahaha

"My first time" is my favorite shade!

2.) Nike Flyknits (Black or Multi-colored). 
Tryin' to be fit yo! 

3.) A four-level double dresser in pastel color / A shabby-chic wall frame. 
You can go ask my mom to buy it for me! lol

4.) Comforter with Cat-prints (Idk why it's really hard to find?!! Dear manufacturers of beddings, cats are cute too like florals!) Santa. Tell them please or you can just ask your elves to do it! Hihi

5.) Instax-mini8 films. (And Lots of it!!!)

6.) Good set of Bras. My mom usually gives me money to buy good set of Bras. However, instead of buying bras, I always end up buying magazines or books or sometimes, a dress. My mom isn't pleased about it. HAHAHAHAHA so, to make my mom happy I'm adding this to my wish-list! P.S. "pm me for the size hahahahahahha!"

7.) Charlotte Olympia's Day of the Dead Shoes!

A little pricey. But who knows? Santa makes miracles!!!!

8.) A black tailored Blazer ----you know why

9.)  Kate Spade NY - Cobble Hill Little Minka bag

10.) Sunnies Studios - Bianca

11.) Dark Blue Joni Jeans. (I prefer Topshop + I'm size 29! Please don't laugh)

12.) Macbook case in matte matcha-green or black! 

13.) Bedroom DIY kit :) 

14.) Sketch Notebook (Emphasis to notebook! unruled notebook!) My friends already know, that I doodle a lot of women's bodies and this is already becoming a habit hahahaha ---nope, not nude!

Lastly and my most favorite, BOOKS! 

15.) Lullabies - Lang Leav (signed)

16.) Millennium Series - Stieg Larsson

17.) The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion

18.) This is where I leave you - Jonathan Tropper

19.) "It" by Alexa Chung. I've been wanting to have this book!!! Alexa Chung is my peg for life! I love herrrrr so so so much! To have this book is my ultimate wish!!!

20.) Blank Wish. For the wish I want to write, but I can't seem to fathom. 

Santa, I could've just wish for a kiss from you or a passing rate on my prelim exams. Or a date with someone, who sees me as if I'm a heroine, from a book I really love. Or a text from one of my crushes, in the morning, wanting me to have a good day. I could've wished for something deeper, something immense, something poetic and smart. Instead, I chose to write 20 things that are neither poetic nor deep. However, among those 20 things, there is this one I really desire to have and I've been praying for it, the longest time. I hope you grant me that! Good luck, I hope you make the right choice! Surprise me!

I love you Santa,