December 3, 2013

5.) Christmas Wishes

Sorry for the very short hiatus. Apparently, my computer gave up on me already. So I'm blogging using another computer, I should've posted this last December 1, how very timely. Welcome December! I hope you will do great just as I and of course everyone expects you to be. Hahaha. Before we make some dramas out of our love for Christmas season and December, may I just please settle the gifts I want to receive this Christmas? Haha!

My Christmas Wishes are always just simple; like giving me a simple cup of Ice cream would make me go wild. However, I will not wish for an edible thing this Christmas. I want something that would last. (Sorry for being demanding Ninongs and Ninangs and Parents and Sisters and Cousins and most of all my Friends) Lol.

On top of my list is


Love and Misadventure by Lang Leav. (I already assigned this to my sister. So in case you are planning to give this one. Skip-skip-skip. You might as well choose #2)

2.) Box of Accessories. --Arm Candies, Earrings, Rings, Collar Necklaces. Etc. (I am currently fixing my Closet, and I realized, I don't have a lot of this. Mainly because I am not the keeper type of girl when it comes to accessories, but I hope it won't turn you off, I promise I am better at keeping when it comes to gifts).


Tricia Gosingtian book. (Signed or Not) PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE. It only cost 295php. At all branches of National Bookstore! Hahaha (talagang nilagay ko pa dito. Sorry guys sorry)


Nude Flat Shoes or Black Shoes with Golden Toe caps. Any Brand lol. If you want, you can search at So Fab or Zara or Charles and Keith noooow. Hahahaha Alright, you can search at Online Stores or The SM store. =)))))) Anything is fine with me really.


Any Happy-Skin Cosmetics (Available at 'Plains and Prints' clothing). (They are Adorbs!)

6.) I really want a new iPod. But I've already saved money for this so you can now Skip this number hahahaha :) -If some of you are willing, WHY NOT? =)))))))


I am Currently lusting over Aeropostale watches. :( HAHAHAHAHA Hi Mama and Papa 

THAT'S ALL. Honestly guys, You can give me anything and I would be really happy about it. It's always the thought that counts you know, Cliche but it's true. And for everyone reading this, the reason I wrote this aside from being included in my "28-things-I-want-to-talk-about-before-Christmas" is because I was told to publish my Christmas wishes for the Christmas Party event. (Whoever is that mysterious "Manita" of mine. Good Luck Honey).


P.S. NOT EDIBLE! You can give me anything even mugs (NO I WAS JOKING ABOUT MUGS LOL) but not food or perishable things. Better yet, you can just give me Austin Butler <3