August 21, 2014

To Rosary

Dear Rosary,

I've been looking for that picture of us, when I was still able to kiss your fatty cheeks (But, I couldn't find it). You know how I love your cheeks so much, that if anyone tries to make fun of it, it's me they'll have to deal with. More so, if they try to break your heart.  

It's been tough and you've been so brave. I want to raise a middle finger to that boy who broke your heart. Nonsense. No Convictions. No Balls. Nothing, just plain bullshit. He must be held accountable from all the things you've been through. He's not worth it. I've been saying this over and over.

I would dare say;

Cry for the man who will fight for you.
Plead for the man who tries to see things in a deeper level; he who tries to see you as more than his movie partner, snack-mate and study-buddy. Convenient, Cheap and Enough --- love should never be.
Fight for the man who is always proud of you.
Forgive the man, who never cheated.

"But beyond all that, I hope you fight for someone who will never leave you for another girl and will never take you for granted."

Be merry, because he was never one of those aforementioned. He never was a Man.

You are brave, beautiful and intelligent. You deserved better. It's okay if he chose that girl with unrequited love hidden motives (yes, that girl whom I wrote a letter about last summer), whom I thought I knew and trusted, who almost became my best confidante. Truly, if we expect too much from people, we will end up getting hurt. But, I wouldn't exude energy for that girl if I were you, I will blame the boy for letting her fall. But, thank you is all I could say to her for freeing you from all the boy's shits. Good luck to her. Falling in love with the wrong person is karma sugar coated. I hope her bestfriends, who were willing to throw a nonsensical war, have known this.

It's just sad, how some people sees your tweets now as being hostile. It might have been unfavourable on your part, for they see you now as the antagonist, instead of being the victim. No, no, it was your right to vent (not revealing any names, but those who were guilty, reacted). The tweets are now in the spotlight but as open-minded people, we should know first hand, that it wasn't "the real issue".

Rosary, think of it as if it's the biggest joke of your life.
Laugh it off. Kill the boy. Improve yourself.
Fall in love with someone who deserves your effort.

Yours truly,