August 30, 2014

Movie Junkie

Not having facebook and twitter for almost two weeks brings so much peace in my life (Hahaha!) I'm not even kidding. I already had a lot of time chit-chatting with the "real friends", stalking no more (hahahahah again), and I felt like I already had a lot of time to watch movies instead of reading statuses and nonsense quarrels of others. 

I was never a movie junkie before (As far as I think I was). On my normal days, I usually read books, magazines and surf the net. Sometimes, I write a lot of sentiments and I talk a lot. However, for the past few days, I have been downloading a lot, even those I've already watched before (I know this isn't normal because I usually download once a week or after heavy exam days when I feel like watching), and everyday I am anticipating to watch everything I've downloaded! I seriously don't know what is happening to me. Tell me, if I need help. 

Anyway, since I've already been blabbing about how movie junked I am right now, I want to share to you some of the movies I've downloaded this week, some of them I've already watched before and they always make me feel good --- I hope you will feel good too (uhmmmm, no some will make you cry) :) 

Sweeteranna <3