May 2, 2014

Three years.

Everyone! Today is my Birthday!

I've been up in the cyberspace for exactly three years now and I still feel like I was the same sixteen year old girl who started writing in a grammar you'd never wanna read. I just wanted to give appreciation to my blog for always being there to help me satisfy my yearning to literally rant about anything, ultimately and not knowingly inspiring people (As I've mistakenly heard); thank you for those who've been inspired and also to those who got irritated, I never meant to make you feel that way. All I wanted was to break your walls, all you ever did was wreck me. Hahahahahaha kidding. All I really wanted was just to write things that I couldn't say upfront. Thank you blog for being an avenue for this kind of yearning. Without you, I couldn't have known myself better. I know you miss the girl who write about Peter Pan, haha! I'm not that kind of girl anymore, neither the girl who wants to be a Fashion Designer. Earlier this day, my seatmate in one of my classes, asked me about not going to a fashion school for my extreme love in garment sketching (Boredom, don't care). I just smiled and said, "There are dreams that are just meant to be dreams." I am a weird seatmate you see.

But blog, I know you know better.

Happy Birthday. Please Please Please Change the World! 

Much Love,