April 13, 2014

Screw Driver

(A letter to the girl with unrequited love)

Dear Girl,

Screw the guy you are in love with.
Screw the Player. Screw the User.
Screw the guy who shares music with you but never let you hear the music in his heart.
Screw the guy for letting you believe that something is possible, even if he’s really in love with the girl with blonde highlights.
Screw the guy for calling you “Best friend”, life is too short for Friendzoned.
Screw the guy for giving you false hopes and blind optimism.
Screw the guy who ripped your love letter, for he is shallow and conceited.
Screw the guy you are in love with.

That guy should see how beautiful you are, from the way you talk to the way you walk and the way you flipped your hair. You were flipped.
He should see the way you smile, when you know the answer to a question yet you sit silently still. That explains your failing marks.
That guy should look at you as if you were from a Disney film; remember the time you dressed up? That was the time he should look at you.
That guy must notice how wonderful you say your “Hello” everyday.
That guy should appreciate your worth, being better than some of the girls with make-ups and iPhones.
That guy must read your Literature even with a phrase you say in comments or status.
That guy should learn the books you read or the things you do behind that green dot on Facebook; 2am is the saddest time, he must know.
That guy must realize that there are deeper things inside of you than what meets the eye.
That guy should know how he took your breath away when he said, "I believe in you"
And that you are the girl who secretly calls for that guy in the Library.

Screw the guy you are in love with.
Or Screw you for loving him from afar
Or being in love with the idea of love
Or believing that summer love is cool
Or the poems you create just to get by
Then screw the unrequited love you had from the very start.
Screw the guy you are in love with.

Or not at all 
The screw is what keeps you going

and that shouldn't be the case. 

Yours Truly,