December 21, 2013

23-24.) A letter to someone I want to be with this Christmas

I guess naming just "someone" whom I wanted to be with this Christmas is an understatement. My lists are overflowing with names, therefore it wasn't easy for me to name just one person. Hence, I thought hard before discussing this topic then picking the person I really miss.

I want to celebrate my Christmas with someone whom I really love and at the same time very far away from me. This person always makes me laugh because of her funny comebacks which are overloading with wits during facetime hours. I would say that this person embodies my being talkative and stubbornness sometimes hahaha! I really want to spend the Christmas with her, Michaela Ysabella (Kaela), my dear little niece. I’m sending all my love to Canada. Please bring happiness again this Christmas!

A letter to someone I want to be with this Christmas: 

Dear Kaela,

Tell me about the story of Beauty and the Beast again, and how you said ‘ew’ after Belle and the Prince kissed Hahaha You are always too funny!

Sing me the “Happy Birthday” song and recite “Goldilocks and the three bears” again, hearing it feels like a happy new year every day. Share me that cookie you were eating the last time we talked. Tita Alet says you wanted to be a Lawyer just like her, please be a writer like me too. Read more books, Inspire people and make them laugh so hard that they can already forget every bad thing in this world. Smile until we can only see two little lines below your brows. Say Cheese! Your smile is brighter than the stars at night and even the star on top of your Christmas tree.

Christmas is just around the corner. Be the kindest and the most obedient Kaela, so that your mom would open that Big Nutella Jar she’s been hiding all year. Create that perfect Ginger Bread Man and share it to your little sister. Santa will be pleased; he might give you that Doll house with an elevator you've always wished for, the one you were telling me about. Wear your favorite dress on Christmas Eve. Remember to be Pretty, Baby Jesus is coming! Stay Smart! Lolo, Lola, Tita Alet and I miss you so much! We love you and Vanna! 

Be the Merriest this Christmas!

Tita Chin 

P.S. I hope you can spend the Christmas with us Next Year!