October 13, 2013

De La Cara (Of thy Face)

As I have mentioned earlier, one of the many requirements I had for the recently over semester was to make a film. So I did, together with my group mates. I have always wanted to be a Director back when I was a kid, it was my frustration actually next to being a novelist Lol. I am extremely happy when I finally finished the film (I am so proud for my movie editors, they were magnificent). To top it off, I am also playing the lead role aside from Directing and Writing the story. HAHAHAHAHAHA I've never expected this, ever. If being a film director was one of my frustrations in life, being an actress is the least out of my dreams or probably, never listed even. But then again, I have to remember that I came from a Girl's School who likes theater and acting so much, the next thing I know, I have the lead role -_- Oh God. Okay so for the meantime let's forget about me whereas I want to tell you something about the movie. Btw, it was Pre-shown last October 3, 2013.

The movie revolves around an Ego, It's about girl who is very insecure about herself, who hates everyone, who hates everything that revolves around her, who hates failing, who always thinks she is alone yet she is constantly searching for self-worth and happiness . Until, she finds out something that surprised her and changed her perspective in the end. The movie featured the face of a girl and it also symbolized the face of the many girls now-a-days who are suffering from extreme inferiority issues with others (created by the media). All in all, the face tells the whole story, that's why it was also entitled; De La Cara (Of thy face).

I was very happy about the results. Although, I am really sorry I cannot show it to you here yet. Watch out for the Sinemaorag 2014 :)