October 25, 2013

Breaking the Apathy

I know it's all about my bitterness but please take time to read (this is important)

As a kid, I have always dreamt of becoming an Accountancy student of Ateneo like my sisters. I have always respected the Ateneo Schools and have high regards for them and their Holistic Education. Hence, as a child I dream of studying in Ateneo. I know I’m not alone. 

Today, I am living the dream. I am an Atenean studying Financial Accounting (I am always ashamed to tell my course but I dare break the apathy). I’m studying from the Ateneo de Naga University and I have never been so proud in my whole life. Thus, as a student I aspire to do great in everything I do.  I am not a PL or a DL but it always depresses me when I am not (I am sure the Majority do). It comes with choosing the right subjects and the schedule we'll most likely learn and it comes with Efforts. 

To be honest, I am “disgusted” I feel “oppressed” and “violated” with the enrollment system of ADNU. I am sorry; I am just speaking the Truth. I hope I spare myself from close-minded scrutiny. 

“This is the problem; Sometimes, we don’t know who to blame anymore, who to believe and who to befriend. We are in the Hunger-games arena.” The Solution: Don't Complain. Don't Blame. Just Fight for what is right and this is how I fight. 

I am now speaking directly to the people involved and I am aware I am not in the right position to speak something against them, but I am a student aspiring for COMPASSIONATE COMMITMENT TO CHANGE.  

It’s amusing how someone can easily label us with not being “CRITICAL”. It’s Absurd. I will never be surprised if someone from our college would fall in line outside the school as early as 8:30pm when the enrollment starts at 8:00am the next day. Every year, it’s always the same, people falling in line and people getting emotionally distressed.  It's just that today was unexpected; Expectations Kill the heart so Expect the worst. This was the worst. 

In a world full of wars, World Peace is never the answer, it’s a selfish thing to ask. For the peace of one is never the peace of others. COMPETENCE. I still believe that the persons who are willing to go to school as early as possible shouldn't be the central blame of all these dramas. Take note that the word “HIGHLY DISCOURAGED” still has an element of choice, and you can’t blame them if they choose to go early and risk their lives to achieve better schedule. It is, I believe, being CRITICAL in times of need. (It’s too big a word but there’s no other way to say it).

I am saying this not because I am in the high-position to do so but because I am an ordinary student, who feels the same way as the other students about the enrollment process. We are always so stressed when enrollment begins. We try our best to be open-minded and accept that this is part of life, there is no such thing as perfect and everyone makes mistakes. In my own opinion, I think one of the reasons why most of us are willing to come early is because we are afraid of being sad again and again and again like we always do (Who doesn’t right?), We always feel so helpless and powerless which is not even right because the admins, facilitators and volunteers should voice out our needs and not the other way around.  Yet even though, how hard we try we always feel the same. So we tried harder and it got worse because everyone thinks that trying harder means breaking the "RULES". What have we done to deserve this?  We are just students fighting for slots. THIS IS THE TRUTH. ACCEPT IT, ADMIT IT. THERE WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH SLOTS AND OTHER SCHOOLS WILL BE DISGUSTED AS WELL AS WE ARE DISGUSTED ALREADY. We are not in control of this. CONSCIENCE

“Habo ko na magklase” –Says one of the students in the queue. I can’t blame her. Who would ever be motivated to study when the system is not right? Maybe, we are already highly discouraged not with coming to school before 7:00am but of coming to school when the semester starts. 

CHRIST-CENTEREDNESS. I always believe that everything happens for a reason. We might not know it today but soon we will. I believe this is a test for Ateneans and most especially for my fellow JPIANs, remember when we encounter more storms, the stronger we become.

I love Ateneo de Naga U. I always do. That’s why I keep the faith for them; I know there’d be a solution for this (It is not with regards to the encoders and volunteers because I know they are all trying their very best to make the enrollment better). Let's reflect. After all, Ateneo is a home where Intelligent and Reasonable people resides. I hope the people in charge values the Four Cs as well. We are a community and change starts within us.

With all the Respect there is,
Anna <3