September 29, 2013

Love Questions

With all the requirements/projects/quizzes I have to deal with. I can't anymore find the time to write here. However, since I am super sick right now and I got nothing to do but to sleep and stare at the walls all day, I decided to write something. 

This past few days, I've been active answering questions in my account, it just fancies me how people loves to flatter by being anonymous, wow. Same with the haters hahaha Anyway, I've transformed my to a Love Questions arena in order to make some sense (What?). In fact, someone said I am sort of like Papa Jack hahahahahaha, I try not to think of it like that, I am just fond of hearing love stories from different people, that's why I get really sad when my friends doesn't trust me with their own love problems. It's a shame, I am always willing to help you know. I am the most knowledgeable in that area for all you know (HAHAHA not that I had so much experience. It's just that I am the most hopeless romantic person you will ever meet). 

To start with, let's define Love (Ew! sounds Cheesy) --- I always define love as something everyone knows but not everyone understands. Yes, A friend sent me a very long definition of Love in high school and this one caught my attention. It's the same thing, over and over again. People falling in love, People falling out, People breaking hearts. Yet, you still don't understand it. That's why you keep on finding the answer through quotes on tumblr, through  Ramon Bautista, through Papa Jack, you keep on questioning me in my account (eg. Paano ako mapapansin ng crush ko?) Where in fact, the answer is never guaranteed to be right. 

So my biggest advice to impart is "Don't be overwhelmed by Love that it is already swallowing you whole. Don't understand Love like Math Problems. Love shouldn't be taken literally or mathematically or scientifically. Rather, you have to feel it. Feel the ache, Feel the spark, Feel the joy it gives you even if it's the love of Pizza." There will be times when that Love will choke you, that's the time when you need to let go. I always believe that Letting go is part of loving and so is Letting in someone new. Same with Admiring a person it doesn't necessarily mean affection, love or care, it simply means appreciation for the humankind. It's always different when you admire a person and you fall in love, I once fell in love with the person I have always admired. You don't have to do anything to make them notice you because if he/she really likes you, he/she will accept you for whatever you are. (Askers! I've already answered your woes!)

It seems like a very long time since I wrote something about Love. Applause to my account for inspiring me to write about Love again. Lol 

To the people who are over-thinking, you know it contributes fats, so don't! Kidding. I hope you find Love in the most romantic way and I hope it lasts forever, even if some people doesn't believe that forever exists. You just have to believe it because that's when true love starts. 

Truly Yours, 
Anna <3 <3