June 1, 2013

The University Runway

I created another set again in preparation for the coming school year! I'm aware that most of you are having a hard time looking for clothes to wear everyday at school (Based from own experience), just trying to avoid repetition of clothes. So I made another set again as a guide for our shopping list, Ah that word "Shopping" makes my heart skips a beat. Ok enough of that cheese


Dressing up is really quite hard for girls, swear! I need half an hour to be able to dress-up properly even if I'm always in my simple clothes. I also have to be reminded that college is hectic, so comfortable tops and flats are must haves! (Btw, I really like those tees)

Anyway, I'm currently lusting over that Mint Green Aldo Bag! Shit Shit Shit. When my friend and I went out yesterday, She brought the black one and I instantly fell for it! OMG I want one too. BAG! I WANT A NEW BAG!

I'm sharing a bigger set for the Aldo Bag, *evil laugh* Lusting over them too? I find it hard to write because words can't describe the feelings for these bags. Marry me please? lol Donna, would kill me if she finds out I'm lusting over her bag =)))))))))))))))) Plus, that Celine tote bag is also amazing. I can't even.....


Ok Ok

Now that I already gave you ideas. We also have to bare in mind that School isn't a FASHION RUNWAY! It's  an avenue for learning. Dressing up really well is just a side dish, what matters most is our grades and how well we recite in class not by how red our lipsticks are nor how cute our bags are. (Truth be told, I think I'm going to study very well if you give me one of those bags. HAHAHA mom read this please)

That's it. Happy Dressing!

Yours Truly,