May 18, 2013

18th Birthday Parties

 So as I was browsing previous pictures which I have been tagged in Facebook, I realized almost all the pictures were the photos from the parties I have attended to! I miss it a lot. It's always nice to be reunited with your friends after stressful days at College, I seldom attend to parties, I usually go out to have burger or tea but never to have the loudest party and I think that' why I miss it that much, partying with the people you trust. So to reminisce, I opted to compile some of the best 18th birthday photos I got in Facebook.

Arlee's Birthday in Almaree 

Queen's Birthday in their Store

 Jamae's Birthday in their Garden

Yvonne's Birthday after school in the dorm!!!

Yhad's Birthday Party in Nikko's Ark

 Malou's Birthday in Mugen Dai

Lenny's Surprise party at JMR Colosseum (Naga City Colosseum at the time)

 Mae's Birthday in their Porch

 I realized, Alec and I are always 2 in 1 when there're birthday parties! Haha

Joanna's Birthday in their House 

The Recent Party I've attended was Byen's Birthday in their house!

 Oh em! Time flies so fast, I just hope that there're will be more birthdays to come! After compiling I have come to conclude, that I have really diverse set of friends (I don't who to label as my closest already Haha) ! I feel really lucky to have them :)


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