December 3, 2012

Watch me

Hello. As some of you may know me as a watch-lover, yes you read it right, I'm a lover only not for boys (I seem to find it hard to fathom my thoughts about that hahahaha). I wanted to share to you some of my favorite wrist-watches I fancy right now it may seem affordable for some (for they are not Luxury brands) but hello I can only manage to depend these to my parents hahahaha

These are from my Favorite Brands (Or better to say, these are the brands I grew up knowing the most):

1.) Fossil 

Pretty Right? :) 

As a trivia, I received my first Fossil during my 16th Birthday! Hahahahaha Okay! I just wanna share to you that for once in my teenage life, I have Fossil instead of Barbie Hahaha

2.) Anne Klein

For some reason, I find Anne Klein watches as more of like mom's personality :) It always reminds me of my mom's taste when I see an AK watch! 

However, I'm really not the Diamonds-kind-of-girl maybe when I get older, yes. But as for now I wanted something carefree but still elegant.


3.) Swatch -the most popular ever since birth!

 My Most Favorite too! Wanna know why? It's because I love how they incorporate Art through their watch. Aside from that, Colors/Pop-Art/Abstract is definitely my weakness! :)

4.) Casio

My latest apple! I forgot to put this on my Christmas wish list 2012, but It's not yet late right? Hahaha

5.) Michael Kors


That's it! 

So, How about you? what's the watch you fancy so much right now? Share it! Comment!

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