December 28, 2012


Put yourself in this life (I'm not saying it's my life); you grew up getting the things you want, so you just  got used to it, your parents bought you skates when it was the 'in' thing in school, they bought you computer just when you need it, you buy school supplies in big malls (those expensive ones), they put so much expectations in you. You thought your parents were the richest persons alive.

Then your Life turns 360, and your life was never that princess type again. Because your parents wasn't really rich, your sister was and she got into a lot of troubles and she left your family (You know that she doesn't deserve the life she has now) and all you got was nothing. You felt so poor and powerless, the worse thing is that you can't do anything about it. You blame the world and You blame God. There'd be times when you'll miss Grand Grocery Shopping because you do that every Christmas then it's Gone.

If you are self-involved (a lot!), you may be blaming your parents too for all your misfortunes. Misfortunes like, failing a lot in class because you don't love your course, being compared to your sisters, not getting an apple product, never can you be friends with the elite ones etc. It's all because you 'felt' so Poor and Powerless. You have this Ideal life you will never ever get, and you just have to get used to it even though it hurts. 

It always hurt being 'nothing' to the world. It pains us when we don't 'matter' much in the life's cycle. that's why we are striving people, that's why we are studying to make a name somehow. But then, Life is really unfair, All of a sudden there are people who 'matter' yet they didn't even experience having holes in their rooftops. Why can't we just win the Lottery and skip all these adversaries that is happening? 

The answer. I don't know. 

I wish I could matter too, now that 2013 is coming.