December 22, 2012

Christmas Party!

Taken via Instagram

The best Christmas Party I ever had :)

Yesterday, December 21,2012 when everyone was preparing for the end of the world haha! I went to visit an Orphanage, as a volunteer for the Christmas Giving, together with my friend Alyssa and some other volunteers too :3 I love it. It was indeed very memorable.

We tell Stories and Played and Packed Gifts just like Santa's Elves. The one thing I love about them, is that they appreciate us too much it's overwhelming. Ahhhhhh! I couldn't put everything into words. I am just so happy to make my 12-21-12  worth it with those Children and it's more than the Antonov / SML apple with hardcore disco lights and expensive Christmas exchange gifts. It was the best Party I've ever had, it's so nice touching people's lives while they touch mine (More!) :3

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