September 3, 2012

I'm the fattest :)

Hello from sexy friends :) Hahahahaha L-R: Me, Ate Cams, Alfea and Shindee :) 

This is the reason why I never want to get old, I got to experience a lot of things, meet new people, drink cocktails, coffee date or watch fashion shows (while being carefree and young). I love being a Youth forever. 

These past few days have been a tough ride for me (There was a point when I questioned my capabilities) but then along the way, I realized that I have more to discover, Fist in the air, I'm not going down without a fight. I still got my friends and I still have the power to change the errors that I've done. I may not have been, the smartest, the prettiest nor the sexiest. I mean, look at them they are skinny and I am just one fat girl at the left. But, they unexpectedly made me realize that being Cool isn't just about being the prettiest or the richest or the sexiest! Being cool is being yourself, never using the Social Ladder. Just simply being yourself. That's why I love meeting new friends from all walks of life. I get to learn a lot of things!

Love, Anna

P.S. THE BICOL FASHION WEEK has a lot of potential. :) I love the fact that the Bicol fashion is already striving in the Philippine Fashion Industry. Congrats Sir Richard Yu!