July 4, 2012

Busy as a Nerd O-O

Hi, I know you're all busy for the EXAM week :( I couldn't agree more to that. <3 I am blogging before I ever go back to my book, just in case you haven't notice my blog is getting booooorrrring. So I have this 'calling' to blog right now!

If you are having troubles in your studies (Just like me. Always) I think that the really most effective way to fight it is to think positive thoughts. Yes, you read it right. I, the pessimist, said it so. Haha Well, I just realized that I am not the only person who's suffering from a major breakdown of grades every sem, and I am not the only person who fails regularly everyone else had experienced failing at some point (so let's stop the drama). I woke up this morning with the urge to study because I want something to happen, even if I am terribly lazy to study because I don't get our lessons so much. I am not your smartiee girl (I svck) but then again there's always a room for trying. So I suggest, Let's try our best! Don't give up :) Though how many times we fail :(

Heads up! Fight hard Golden Knights <3

Sincerely Sweeter,
Anna <3

P.S. I'd be back to show you a STORY ON VIDEO! after my exams of course.