June 4, 2012

Summer's done. Why so early? =___=

Okay so tomorrow's our first day of classes, and I can't really feel it yet O-O Swear! It seems that time is running for a marathon contest!!! Yah and that's actually bad because I didn't feel the beach life. It always sucks to go to school if you didn't!

So Anyway, I made my plans for this semester and hopefully for all my years in college :))))

☑ My Student-by-day-and-business-woman-by-night peg! Yes, I have to sew :) Which reminds me of buying a legit organizer for my materials! (I promise tomorrow) Gosh, I really need to pour all my effort in our TTC, this is what I love doing besides from ranting! Haha

Study-and-Shop, I deserve a new garment for studying really hard for exams :)

 Read 3 novel books per month (SURE! I'd love to :"""">)

☑ No Cosmetics, (But I have to maintain my hygiene and neatness as well) I am so not going to apply lip tint -_- makes my lips grayish (I hate that)  and a lot I've always wanted  to be simple at school (yes call me 'manang' now!) although, lip balm, powder and perfume is accepted OF COURSE!!!

☑ Let http://lookbook.nu/ be my bestfriend :))))))))) HAHAHAHAHAHA

☑ Let Financial Accounting Prac 1 be my BOYFRIEND <3 <3 <3 <3 Let me be the one! Accounting!!!! lol

☑ Let the word 'Organize' love me!!!!

 Be 'Dieting' as my Hobby =))))

Let Logan Lerman marry me. No I mean, never mind. That's nothing! 



That's all, wish me luck guys!!! 

Here's my Schedule for the Sem , so if you wanna have lunch with me or have a date with me!!! I guess you just have to look for my possible forever-alone hours :)))) Kidding. Just Call me maybe. Haha