June 5, 2012

My University looks like a runway :)))))

I went to school today! WOW. I was really stunned with how people dressed themselves so much for the first day of classes. Haha I really admire them for courage "Fashion should always be about courage" :)

But you know, I always maintain simplicity or should I say I always look 'manang' even if I don't really mean to be that way in school. So anyway, upon seeing my schoolmates wear high-wedges and heels, I just dropped my jaw and told myself: I really need to start caring about dressing up =)))

Not to be a fasyown-guru or something, but honestly I still admire people with effortless style. Those who just wear simple tees and still look beautiful in it :)) I don't know, what's wrong with me =__= But then again, the people I admire the most are those who can pull-off something with confidence and courage. That's the problem when you live in the province; People care so much with what other people might think of them when they wear Dr. Martens or maybe even a maxi-skirt (what's so wrong with that, It's still decent clothes you know?) So I guess, We just have to better stop judging others base on what they wear! Where's Freedom of Expression here?

I guess, when you read this, you are having bubbles in your head (What to wear? What to wear?) Hahaha I got you! Lemme share to you my favorite college looks (which is of course legit, in my opinion only, I know you're more fashion-izing than me har, I'm just a wanna-be)

I gathered all of these from lookbook :) ---These are all up to you whether you wanted to add twists in it!

I guess, this look are for teeny-boppers! 

Tricia Gosingtian!!!! Please give me that pants! 

I don't get it, why my cousin said they see me in this style :) Oh. I'm so gonna try these on!

This look reminds me of my friend, Jaena! She loves this look, back when we were shopping near The Fort :) I miss you!

And Because of all lookbook stars, Chloe is my favorite! Wohooo
She wants to become a fashion designer and a finance analyst too
Just like what I've always wanted! 

Here she is, Lezzz just get addicted with that baby face!


So I guess that's all, I have really tons of favorites but I can only narrow it down until here!

Never forget to be confident always, it's what makes us prettier!