May 12, 2012

Oh, They're so Legitimate for School :)

Bonjour tout le monde! before I present to you my Mom on Mother's Day. Let me first present to you my 8th Love next to Jesus, my Mom, Dad, Sisters, I.D.C, Close friends and Social Life =))))

8th Love: *INSERT CATEGORY HERE* can't explain them. Haha

These were my works at Polyvore, I want to have them all next School Year for College. Uh-huh. 
(I am so getting materialistic baby, I just can't help it. Sorry God.)

JUSTIFIABLY, No they aren't just MY wants, these are also my NEEDS =))))) HAHAHAHA

I mean, we all need Shirts in College (don't we?) It's a NECESSITY!


Blazers, Cardigans and Blouses too :)

Of course, Let's be Practical, PANTS are so needed!!!!!

Well, let me add my favorite Dresses :""""""""> 
I'm GONNA DIE for these baby :( 
Then, Who can't leave without their Versatile / all-purpose Bags? TELL ME -_____-

What more for Shoes? Yeaaaah Necessity!!!

Now WHAT? It's time to buy watches. Yes. My most important accessory,
my wrist feels naked without them :)

 SCHOOL SUPPLIES. Who goes to school without an umbrella now a days people? and a Notebook and a Pen? for Girls: a  kit? TELL ME!!!

 Yeah that's the end of my blabs. Hahaha

Here's the list of my wants/needs aside from my tuition fee. Kidding! 
*Gonna Post Laturrrr!