April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday! :)

Today is such a great day! Two of my Closest friends are celebrating their birthday.
It's always fun having them around. I can't almost see myself without them 
(Hahaha not exaggerating so much but, indeed they helped me a lot)

This is Byen

Chef ala gusteu!!!! HAHAHAHA

Born in the 1950's also know as Lola Byen

Crying Baby.

Sexy Babe. 

Not you Angel type 0:)

with Bratz' Lips

Oh Lover =))))) HAHAHAHA

My Friend. (The Best one, with a heart sexier than her body)

HAPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY VIVIEN BLESS VELUZ! I love you. Stay Sexier than me :* Thank you for everything; Thank you for letting me borrow your bed sometimes :)

This is Lyza

Your Canadian Girl

Your Debate Girl

Your Meme Girl

Your Small Girl

Your Diet Girl

My Friend. (The one with a height higher than anyone else because she maintains true to her friends)

Thanks for always being there for me :""> I miss youuuuu!

Dear two beautiful friends, Stay the same. :) I love you both so much! 
More than my Idol; Camille Co who is also celebrating her birthday today.

Truly Yours, Anna <3