March 31, 2012

Good Times

Hi Folks! I've been out today and for a really good time. With my Sunnies, my Summer Dress and my Swimsuit! I went swimming with my super cool college friends in Spring Valley Resort. Cute :) Plus it's also The Birthday of My two Friends, they were the one who brought tons of food. When I say Tons! They really are! 

Here's our photos.

I promised myself to never swim this summer because I am regaining my white complexion and I really want it back! But I can't say no to my friends. In the end I was the one who was more excited to come. Haha
The First Girls who came: L-R: NiƱa, Sam, Lenny, Francia and Pia

 My Original Version of Jumpshot =))))) HAHAHAHAHAHA

We also had Kuya Eubert with us :)
Whatta Chics =)))))

This Day, I learned to Float :)

 Teaching my friends the Shagidee. In Case you don't know it. It's fun!

 It was supposed to be a cool smile. But what happened dear? -____________-

 Poker Face.

 Sam is Pretty. amamamamama Right?

To tell you, We are really the Candidates of Bb. Pilipinas 2012. Shhhh! This is a major exclusive TELL-ALL :) HAHAHAHAHAHA

The Whole Pack, with Bon as the Photographer <3
I also had the time of my life you know :-)
My Solo Album will be out soon. Hahahahahahaha
  "Pagdating ng Panahon" by Annnnnnnnnaaaaaaa. boom crack!

I had a really good time today :) and if I've said: No. I would've regretted it. Truthfully, I was really happy not just because I came with my dress and went home with another dress (I have no pictures. Sad), It's because my friends and I knew well enough that weeks ago, we've been challenged by stress and it's just worth it to make an end for it and welcome another. 

Good Times.

Love, The Sweeteranna 

P.S. Happy Birthday to my Dear Friends; Lyka Angeli Ramos and Sophia Marie Yabut. Thank you for always being there for me especially during Math time! (Hahaha) Spread the Sweetness.