December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

At this point in time maybe a lot of you are having a 'noche buena' at home with your families, friends, roommates etc. Laughing, enjoying the Christmas Eve and waiting for Santa in your lives. Cheers to everyone, who feels happy at this point. (I know that most of us is happy)

Dear Santa,

Please read. 

I heard mass for the Birthday boy. I wore my New Green Shoes, to show the Christmas Spirit. I wore my Old Rose Dress, I tried my best to look good in welcoming Christmas, every year my sisters and I do these. I remember those times, when we just can't get enough of the candies in our socks, how I cried badly when you didn't give me the biggest cooking set I saw in the mall, how I remembered my sister not wishing for any alarm clock. but that was before we were even aware of the reality.

I have tons of wishes everyday even if it is not Christmas. People around the globe have trillions of wishes waiting to be heard. What is really Christmas Santa Claus, is it really about wishes (unheard or not) is it really about your reindeer? your hat? your gifts? the kiss under a mistletoe? is it really about my new green shoes? because a lot of us are becoming hasty or superficial.

But Today I wrote you a letter, not because I wanted to receive a Belle De Jour Planner 2012. I wrote you a letter because this was the very first Christmas, I have nothing to wish for (Sure, I may have my top 10 wishlist, but the thing is I don't even care if I will receive it or not.) Infallible that I am in my right mind to say this. I wrote you a letter because I wanted to express my gratitude to the Birthday Boy, please send him, the biggest gift I wanted to give him. You don't need your reindeer Santa or your big red sock, because my gift is simple, it's not a house and lot nor a Key to a Car =))))This isn't also true love, this isn't also some jewelries he could wear in heaven. This is a gift that most of us forgets; the biggest grandest truest 'Thank you'  to express that we were contented in the many advance gifts that we never appreciate everyday.

True. That some Christmas are cold Santa, but I think that is because we never wear our personal jackets. I think that was our choice. Right?

True. That we don't have a Christmas Tree at home, and I have to blame you for not giving us the enough time to build it. But then I think that half of the people here on earth don’t have trees anymore. They celebrate Christmas at their own personal expense.

True. That some of us might be experiencing problems during our Christmas; I think that is their blessings in disguise and a gift. Santa, please tell them to wait.

True. That not everyone receives gifts. (Refer to my Top 10 wish list) but I think that the very very very wonderful gift that we always received, is something hidden: the Love from someone we never see, or never dared to look at, or never dared to touch, because we are always afraid to accept it.

As I held the hand of a little girl dressed in Street Clothes while I am so dressed and groomed, while singing the Our Father song, I felt a different kind of happiness and I felt Love as she was staring at me heads up. I realized, all our wishes come true, we just don't see it the way we expected it to happen. I think that Happiness comes in small things and it shows when we can already love what is served in the reality.

Santa, Merry Christmas to everyone is all I could wish for  and a Happy Birthday to Jesus.


Credits to Pixlr and Polyvore for the pictures.