December 25, 2011

An escaped during Christmas Eve

This Post will be quite boring, but please do bear with me. I just love our pictures and I just wanna share you, how great it is to spend 5 hours out with your friends during Christmas Eve. (total naughty moments)

I was out with my friends: Krystel, Donna and Mabelle. The all-chaka-dolled-up girls part 2! Anyway, we went out for the House Blessing. Here is a Picture Diary of what happened to our Mini-escapade. This was taken from Pacol, Camarines Sur.

That is Fr. Yoyo :)
The day will never be complete without vain moments.

We Just Love the Road =)))

Credits to Donna Santy for this wonderful Solo Picture (I never knew I was in in Solo)
This was the funniest pictures of all. We had to imitate a Maneki Neko (The Cat Figurine in Chinese) so the house would have a Good Luck Charm now. Created by the power of these Charming Ladies. Hahahahahahaha
This was just a small Fraction of what happened on December 24, 2011 [Christmas Eve] :)

“Home is not where you live, but where they understand you” 
-Christian Morganstern

On this day the very important sweet thing I learned here is; it's really not important how Grand or Simple your house is as long as you live in it happily, and I think this new house would surely be a happy place.