November 4, 2011

Let’s be in love, with problems.

Writing in this blog sometimes scares me that people may judge me again, that people might think of me as a wanna be, I am not proficient in grammar nor in other aspects, I am just this ordinary girl sitting in the couch, writing what she had to say.

We all have our own Halloweens in our life right now, I don’t know, maybe problems with your ex-lovers or lovers or admirers. Maybe even financial problems or academic problems whatever it is. I am sure that these are realities which we need to face. I had many problems in life too, never ending. Duh? Life would be boring without it. So my reason for writing this new blog post is to help myself love these problems. Hug and Kiss it like those are the most wonderful things that happened in my life.

Sometimes, we are all just blinded by many criterion of problems, many different titles. All in one reason: Some of us wanted to please others, because we think so much about them. We focus on what people would say to you and think of you as a person. That’s when our problems start. And that’s why we have to first love ourselves, be open to yourself, be happy and don’t over think.

You think you’re not good enough?  You think you’re not good in math? You think you’re the ugliest person in the room? You think you will never stand a chance to shine? You think you will never be dean's Lister or president's Lister? You think that just because your mother says you are a reckless daughter, you will never be a fashion icon? Honey. Don’t be what people asks of you, just be what you are. Everyone is beautiful; we just need some work to figure it out. Beauty is being who we really are and not being something people tells you to be, and this is what barbies don't understand.

I made my Everyday Challenge for my Second Term in college, being a fresh Business Administration student now. I have to follow the seven ways on how to love ourselves which I found in the link below.

  •                        Forgive Yourself
  •                        Stop Comparing Yourself To Others
  •                       Stop Seeking Approval
  •                        Believe In Yourself
  •                        Practice Silence
  •                         Eat Healthy and Exercise
  •                         Love Yourself

Well I find it really helpful, which is why I think that the very best way for us to become a better person is accepting who we are, don’t try to be someone else. Find yourself and deal with it.

I know it’s hard for me to complete the seven ways because those are the things I have trouble of understanding and doing.

We might have mistakes and bad pasts that scare us to express ourselves, but I guess we just have to let it go, letting go is part of loving. And if we ever made a mistake that scares us away to do things we love doing (example: I failed English thus it makes me a-wanna-be-blogger) don’t be afraid, trying and practice makes us a prodigy. Embrace your mistake like you embrace your one true love. I made 100+++ mistakes all in one semester and the first ever semester as a college student, but it doesn’t mean my college life will end as a failure.

I have already embraced my mistakes before I put this little period after this sentence. I realized that we all have our shortcomings, and we aren’t always in the limelight, but we are all special. I am special. Duh? We will be.

Just be happy and Go on. Life is Colorful.