November 18, 2011

The Heartbreak of a Child

As I was sitting in my former school's waiting area and saw children running and playing. I imagined those moments when I was just like them. “Apple Kiss” seeing that they have no problems except their snacks, not being fetch by parents on time and not winning on their clap games. It’s kind of really amusing to look at them, haggard and unruly, but they don’t care. And yet they are in their best selves, they are happy, they will only cry if they got bruises from playing so hard.

One of my dreams in life was to help children from all over the world; I want them to experience happiness, love and satisfaction. I love happy children. I wanted to be with them,  I wanted to teach them and inspire them, even though I am not really intelligent and competent. Like when I was in grade nine, I taught them the wrong spelling of “hygiene” which is quite embarrassing. But then I realized it wasn’t really necessary to them, because they don’t care. Because they are not after perfections but they are after entertainment, fun and how will they be touched.

Children they are naturally happy beings but they change when they grow old, when they already meet people to erase all of these happy beginnings. People to bring them down, People to take advantage of our own little happiness. 

Sometimes, these little children who don’t care at all about the world are the best persons to have the biggest heart. These are the persons whom you tend to talk without even sense, but then they make you laugh, The persons whom you share your secrets to simply because they know how to keep it, These are little kids who is willing to play with you just as you wanted to without even being conscious about how you look. But the moment you break their hearts, the moment when you ignore them when they are actually expecting so much from you, the moment when you pull them down, they will bring the heartbreak for the rest of their lives.

It’s always the children, who inspires us a lot, who makes us who we really are, it’s always their heart that touches us most. And we are all children, we have the heart to love deeply, but then again when someone breaks it or pull it down, we unconsciously buried it deep down, in a way that we are not anymore true to ourselves.

Photos: © weheartit thank youuuu!