November 2, 2011

How I spent 11/1/11 afternoon and evening

We visited the graves of my Grandfather and Brother. It is in the tradition of my family, to visit every November 1 and bring loads of food. Oh well diet Breakage, but It was also a way for us to get together as one family.

I wish I had a body like Nicole, she's so cutie patootie

Sophia, Me and Nicole have to bring our books, because we always got bored easily and we are book worms, so it's a refuge to the boring world. Hahaha

Then we Got bored over and over again. we started counting teenagers passing by with cellphones in their hands.

 I don't get it why people tend to drink and party while visiting their dead love ones, well in fact November 1 and 2 are days, which we should reminisce and remember those we love. It isn't a day to party, but to reunite again even though they passed away. I guess, praying first is one of the most essential things to do, then laugh together as a family, meditate, and spread love and memories. I guess, that is the essence of why All saints and souls day were created. Just to remind us that, life wouldn't last forever but memories and love do. If you really treasure the one you love who passed away, visit them and remember them. They'll be a lot happier in heaven.
☂ Lots of love from Anna!