May 2, 2016

The Denim Story

I'm not used to fashion blogging but I'll give it a try, at least once in a while. To tell you honestly, this wasn't a really good time to do fashyown pictorial, mainly for these 3 horrible reasons; Firstly, I have too much pimples going on UGH! (don't worry, I've already had it checked). Secondly, I'm reviewing for the crucial next semester, so I don't really have much time for these things, and thirdly, I'm fat and out of clothes (which have always been my problem since then). In any way, I'm still willing to feed you with my vanity because I'm a cool girl (LOL) and today is my blog's 5th birthday.  I hope you read this until the very end.

So what's my denim story? 

During my 9th grade, our class had this mini symposium about "fashion", which is a fun-fact because this was the event that made me consider getting a degree in fashion  (Haha not really because I was so good at it, but because it interests me). I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the speakers on the event - Haha! Despite my lack of girliness during that time. I was tasked to discuss about the history of fashion. It was amazeballs! Frankly, I'm "a little" confident on saying, yup I'm "quite" fashion-history literate. I made sure to thoroughly and passionately research about the topic; when I was still debating, we normally call it matter-loading. Why am I telling you all these? Nothing of a big deal I'm just being formal (and boastful). Kidding, the reason is that I'm just again as excited as when I was in my 9th grade to present to you another great fashion-history; The denims, more specifically the denim jacket!

Even before Proenza Schouler had their own trendy take on denims last fall 2015, the denims have already been trending for over 140 years! According to, Jacob Davis together with Levi Strauss had jeans patented on May 20, 1873, marking the birth of one of the world's most famous: Blue Jeans. And, the first ever denim jacket was created circa 1880. Now that is totally cool!!! 

While the denim jacket has evolved since the 1880s, the innate coolness, as well as the functionality of the piece has earned the status of an all-american rebel's outerwear choice. By the 50s, wearing denim was often associated with juvenile delinquency. Some schools, even banned wearing denims. Eventually, denim became the nonconformists' uniform of choice. From James Dean's iconic denim-jacket clad in Rebel Without a Cause to Rihanna's deconstructed version of today. (Glamour, 2015) Indeed denim jackets, have been an expression of individuality and as they call it "non-conformist cool" or known today as "hipster cool".

My take on denim today is not only because I want to discuss its history (and post something as a wanna-be fashion blogger K), which kind of allures me A LOT, but also because I am curiously in awe of how certain things in fashion started out, before it ever became a part of our lives. Imagine the taboo of denims before and after some hundred years, a girl certain of her nonconformist ideals is wearing it right now! That is something. I chose to discuss about denim jackets, because I do feel like it reflected so much of me, as when I was just starting up in blogspot - ambitious, hopeful and idealistic. 

My post is becoming too long for an outfit post HAHA bare with me. My passion in writing began when I was 5, I love writing my own prayers to God on brown sheets of paper and posting it on our wall. I've been already interested in writing and showing it off to people even when blogs aren't a "thing" back then. The rest of high school, I've been blog hopping! From friendster to myspace to tumblr, and I found myself in blogspot five years ago. I settled here and I wasn't really the best there is. I've been annoying (my grammar is). I'm certainly not famous (LOL). My blogging, just like the denims have started out as only a "tool" on achieving dreams and goals - to inspire. 

I never, for once, thought of myself getting a certain identity because of blogging. I just did it because I wanted to "write", and I've never expected so much people to relate with all my feels. But there they are, somewhat, calling me by my URL "thesweeteranna". Maybe, this blog is not as iconic as Levi Strauss, but I do hope I get to blog for 140 years too (I'd bring this baby in heaven)! -creepy.

Before I end this letter, I just want to say, to whoever is reading this right now: Thank you, so, so, much! I hope we get to evolve more like a denim.  

Love, Patricia

P.S. tell me about your denim story too :) 

PPS. (Just in case, this is still considered as a typical outfit blogger post lol) I'm wearing Denim Jacket from Forever 21, Sunnies from Sunnies by Charlie (now Sunnies Studios), Casio Watch, all else are thrifted.