May 22, 2016

Fashion in Movies: How to Be Single

I'll admit it, I'm still victimized by fashion! I'm kind of diverting my attention to some things, but I couldn't help it, fashion always gets in my way and boom, I have this certain insane fantasies again. 

Have you ever experienced walking through the whole Ayala Avenue, Ph? Too many buildings will eat you alive! Haha But that's not my point of asking it, the thing is I've already experienced traversing those streets in Makati Business District (The NY wall street of the PH) at a rush hour, when everyone is walking with their briefcases, coats, stilettos and other sorts of corporate attire. Others meanwhile, are just walking around from a shopping spree at greenbelt! I've been converted into some sort of lunatic, who imagined herself to be one of them. Ah! The fashion is superb, classy overloaded! The connection of this to my blog post is......... HAHA nothing! Kidding

I recently watched this movie, recommended by a close friend, I'm not so much of a movie buff and not really a nazi on judging movies, but I do like Romantic-Comedy Genres orrr British Indie Films. Some of my friends are fond of watching old films circa 50s-80s, which is kind of cool, but I'm not that very interested in it, although I love Audrey Hepburn films !!!! Much of the old films I've watched is already in circa 90s. ANYWAY before I get to blab too much, the film recommended to me by a friend, is entitled: How to Be Single. Which was such a cutie........ because of the WARDROBE OF DAKOTA JOHNSON AND REBEL WILSON! (Oh no! I didn't just use all-caps to emphasize my statement?!). Yes, you read it right, I'm enthralled by the fashion in it as much as I love the movie - I'm not going to discuss the synopsis of the film here. You can watch it and go figure!

I just want to share how pretty the styling is in this movie, which brings me back to my Makati business district imagination (the same feeling when I was watching sex and the city, the devil wears prada and confessions of the shopaholic)! I'm already excited to be a WORKING WOMAN! Walking on some street with grace and class, just like Dakota Johnson in this movie! Hahahaha - whaaaat? Not too much connection but you'd still read my blog post right?

Here are my favorite looks (most of them are Dakota Johnson's):

Haha! If you're gonna ask me which was my most favorite, It's honestly so hard to pick; I love all the mixing and matching of the sandals, boots, skirts and jackets, everything. But, I'd probably go with the red top and checkered skirt, it won me! How about you, which do you like most? See you on the streets!

I hope I didn't bore you!


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