June 17, 2014


Been super exhausted lately; mentally, physically and emotionally. It seems like my world is coming into an end or falling apart (Hopefully NOT, because I feel like this whole thing is actually just the beginning). Case in point, I've been suffering from emotional stress from people around me lately -- you see, I'm having a lot of issues from people, whom I am not even close with in the first place (wth? Seriously, this isn't PMS). Second, I am brain-drained, which leads me to being physically exhausted. 

With all the benchmarking, studying the things I've already moved on to and realizing how stupid I was to have never learned those things, stressed me out the most. I'M GRADUATING without even mastering my basic accounting subjects (tell me why) + Leading a business research is not a joke. I just want my brain back. In addition, I've been missing my friends and buddies these past few days, feels like fighting alone in the wilderness of stress. Please release me from this exhaustion.

Enough drama. I'm going to sleep now, hoping tomorrow will be awesome!

Lovingly Yours (but Worn-out),
Patty P.