May 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Momsy!



Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for your 57th year of existence in this world. You are the best mom Ate hershey, ate teresa and I could ever have. Thank you for always believing in me though the truth is I'm not really the smartest among the three (HAHAHA stop playing with my feelings okay. Just tell me something else). Thank you for always being selfless, for letting me experience some finer things in life even if I know it entails a great deal of sacrifice. For never scolding me, even if I go home super late at night (Although infuriated for not answering your calls hahahaha) and for staying up late with me at times when I needed to write or study for exams (Frankly, sometimes I'm just watching my favorite series haha sorry mom). I'd always thank God for giving you as my mother. I wouldn't become the person I am today if not because of you. You inspire me to be humble, loving, open-minded and a little crazy at times. There are so much more to say, but I would like to shorten it out by saying, "Mom, please stop using my facebook account" Hahaha I wouldn't make it longer and cheesier as I am already going out for the enrollment at this early hour of the day. Again, Happy Birthday!!!! May you have more birthdays to come. It's not everyday that I always get to tell you how much I value you. I love you momsy! 

From your prettiest daughter ever,