January 29, 2014


To whom it may concern,

             When I was younger, I was taught that the salutation above is very disrespectful and should never be used as a greeting for formal letters, my father taught me this. I always think I got his passion for writing. (Not that he doesn't use the salutation when he was writing my excuse letters during my basic education years). "To whom it may concern", this line is actually used when you don't have an idea to whom you are writing for, it's for the unknown recipient who would care to read the message. Hence, I am writing this to an unknown recipient. 

            Before writing you this letter, I was thinking of dropping a name or something. But I'm not really sure if that's a great Idea. So I'm writing again to the unknown because I can't label my feelings to just one person. I just hope this concerns you. Okay. First, please smile when you see me. I love seeing people smile even if I don't actually know them. Don't be such a brat please, I don't bite. Second, Fvck you and every school's grading systems. High Grades? Woah. As if that defines people and you (Sorry but failing a lot of times in college is harsh). Third, I really really really want to know why we can't be together? I am fat. I have my pimples. I told you I cannot go back to squats and running because I just had my major operation (duh?) and I've been putting lemons on my face now. I'm trying to be fair-skinned again. (If that's what people think of beautiful which is actually "dumb") So what is the matter with you? This situation makes me understand, Ron Pope singing; "It's like wishing for Rain as I stand in the desert." No. It's like,  "you" walking away, and I'm holding every breath for you. Fourth, I like you. A looooooot. But I don't really know if I'm just hallucinating because I'm all out of love. Ugh. Fifth, I hate you!

          I hope we can sit beside each other during the long queue of the enrollment, I have a lot of stories to tell. Sometimes, I tell about facts, which is quite boring when you ask me, my favorite books, but mostly, I tell about my views about what is moral. Ha ha! My morality teacher gave me "Just" a passing score because I wasn't able to discuss briefly what is meant by being good. Which I believe I explained very well. I am not boasting, I am just pissed. Which brings me to asking, "Why do we even need to be graded in Philosophy?" 

          So instead of studying for my Accounting exam tomorrow, I chose to write you a letter. Because I am sad and I know you will care. I will name you Patpher or Brutus (This is what I want to name my future persian Cats) choose whichever you like, I will let you borrow the name for a while.

That's it for now Brutus or Patpher. 

XOXO your friend/classmate/schoolmate/seatmate/sister/cousin/admirer/crush???/future-wife????Oh God,

P.S. I hope I pass my Accounting Placement Exam tomorrow, I mean later because I realized it's late, 2:10am to be exact.