December 25, 2013

27.) Describe your Christmas Eve. (Bullet this Day)

How my Christmas Eve went

11:00am – I woke up with so much Yuletide feels

1:00-5:00pm – Cooking and Preparing. Ours was very simple because we’re only three in the house (My Dad, My Mom and I). Had Macaroni Salad, Baked Mac, Soups and the ever famous Siomai! =)))
My work was to clean the house lol I also had a chance to read a book in between and watch TV. (Multitasking)

At 6:00pm we had to prepare the table settings and the gifts around the Christmas tree. I really love this Part.

7:30pm was the time when we started preparing for the mass.

It was at 10:00pm that we started hearing the mass.

We went home at 11:55pm (whew!) Just five minutes to go until the Birth of Jesus.
At  12:00 midnight yipeee! We started the Christmas Dinner. Wearing my Favorite dress (I don’t want to mention this but it was from H&M *that makes it more special because I love hennes and mauritz foreevaaah*)

It was at 2am I think that we started opening presents. I got mom a new blender and I told Dad that I will give his gift on the new year (ahem cheers – if you know what I mean). Anyway, someone was really pleased with my gift that she started laughing; I got the coolest and craziest mom in the whole world.

Our Christmas Eve was really joyous despite having the smallest number to celebrate. I hope my Sisters were there too, I miss them already. I’m sending all the Love of Christmas to Canada and Makati City. Merry Christmas Everyone!