September 11, 2013

My 19th Birthday Prayer :)

Dear Lord,

Thank you for another wonderful Birthday Celebration. I feel like you're always giving me the most wonderful celebrations since I was born. I count that as a Special gift from you. I love you so much.

I pray for all the people who've greeted me during my special day in any manner, may they also enjoy their Birthdays every year. 

I pray for my Highschool bestfriends, who didn't forget my Birthday even if they are anywhere around the globe. Thank you! 

Thank you for giving me a magnificent  Girl friend ever. You know who she is. :) 

I pray for my College friends, who came for my Birthday Dinner, I just know we deserve a food break for all the stress surrounding us. Thank you  for giving me them as an inspiration for me to do the best, always!

I also pray for my Wishes to come true. Pleeeeeeease!!!!

This isn't the end of all the prayers I want to impart to you. Hahaha I'm sorry for always having long Prayers.

Don't worry, I'll just shorten this by sending the heavens a Big Big Big Big Big Big Thank you! I hope it fits. :)

Love Anna <3 

P.S. I'll also send this Photo for you: