August 14, 2013

Wait for the Sun to Shine

Dear reader,

It's late.
It's Raining.
I know you feel Sad
Broken-hearted even, Life is tough you know.
You will fail
You will call yourself Ugly and Fat

Don't. You are Beautiful
Try to be Positive
Embrace your Failing marks
Or embrace your Friends,
Kiss your "X" goodbye
And even your "F"
Your life is not defined by a letter,
But of lovely words

Look Up and Look Down
Say "Yes, I can do it"
Be Kind. Don't Judge
Share your Stories
Shout your feelings,
Everyday is your moment.
Walk Tall, Say "Hi"
Don't Compare, lead your way
Bow if you may--

Stay in love
Be Happy
Watch the Rain fall,
Then Smile.

Wait for the Sun to Shine