July 9, 2013


Sorry for the shoes, hahahaha I just have this thing for shoes lol. Truth be told, I still don't have a lot of photos to share guys. Ugh! My sister, sadly, is too busy reviewing for Law school that she failed to send me the pictures of our summer escapade. Well, not unless, you want pictures of me taking the exams or listening to class, which is kinda boring. Hahaha Speaking of the B-word, I know! I'm becoming emo =))))))) Don't worry the next thing you know I'm going punk retro, oops! I might spill my costume for the coming JPIA party! 

Let's get back to that picture, well it was taken last April, before we went to Enchanted with my little cousins (I'm kind of early for thursday throwbacks, just forgive me guys). They are so adorable xx If you saw me that day, you'd think I'm one of the littles too (Well let's just ignore the body, The Body!) Idk why I'm really fond of kids. ahhhh

Anyway, that ends my rants!!

'til another shoes post again