May 1, 2013

2nd Birthday!!!!!

Hello, May! I just realized this noooow as in nooooow, I super forgot that it's already May 2 tomorrow meaning it's the time where I have to greet my blog, a Happy Birthday! It just so happen that I was planning a really great surprise for those of you who are reading my blog lol (As if, maraming nagbabasa). I've been planning this a loooong long time now. I'd tell you more about it later next week. 

It's been a really really great year for this blog. I'm kinda getting used of being a-wrong-grammar girl hahahahaha okay I'm just kidding. But, my blog really helped me a loooot as a person, I've met new friends, reunite with old friends and improved my self-actualization. Ahhhhhh This blog already served as a home for me; It's always here when I'm depressed, happy, lonely, sad or even when I'm bored. I might even changed my civil status; Married to =))))))) See? I also got my own love life! Hahaha 

Anyway, I don't want to make this long and boring, you might quit on reading this blog forever. It means that I'm going to talk to myself alone forever, in here. 

Ok Whatever. I'll just greet my blog later. hahaha

Laters Baby!

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