April 18, 2013

A body like Behati Prinsloo

I feel like I should claim the award as the fatest girl in town; look at my face omfg. My face is pregnant! -____- hahahahahaha I think I need to work-out again (I already stopped swimming and jogging). My mom told me that I shouldn't disrupt my work-outs because It will gain me more pounds  however because I am a lazy girl, waking up early for a nice run isn't really my thing; I gained 11 pounds in college (Imagine that?). I'm also having a problem with my relationship with sweets.

On the brighter side,
I'm really enjoying summer and foods. Which brings me to an apology; I'm sorry I haven't shared something for a while, I am really busy with summer school (which really sucks you know) but I also had a little shopping, (Did I ever tell you about Crop tops? I am an addict). 

You might wonder about my 'Adam Levine-ish' title hahahaha complaisant is it? I am not a big fan of Victoria's Secret angels, really. I always get insecure when I see them ugggggh they're so gorg! My favorite was Heidi Klum (Back when my mom inhibit me from watching lingerie fashion shows, so Heidi was the only model I recognized Lol also because of Project Runway). As I grew up hahahahaha I have known quite a lot, recently I lusted over Vivien Veluz scratch that hahahahaha she's my friend, I lusted over Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima (Drooooool), Cara Delevinge, Barbara Palvin annnnnnnd my favorite Behati Prinsloo!!! PEOPLE, WE SHOULD STOP THIS NOW! I feel like I'm the fattest again hahahaha

Look at the photos below, do you feel what I feel? :|

Anyway, I'm really not against the VS angels, what I hate is the stereotyping of looks. I still believe we are all beautiful even if we weren't part of the VS angels, we all have our own beauty though weren't labeled that much in the society:) but I still think I need to work-out, I'm becoming obese, that's bad right? :| Give me some tips!

Your ever sexy,

P.S. Please give me more Behati Prinsloo Photos, I'm pinning them on my cork board. Thankssss! 

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