January 19, 2013

It's the Bridge!

Hello! I'm back with fashion blogging, after a few months of trying to convince myself to post something haha. I'm sorry I'm just too shy. God please give me enough strength and confidence. 

Last October, we had a mini-photoshoot for  Sassy Pink Shoppe together with the Ateneo Fashionistas, and they're really the best people you will ever meet! I've already missed so many fashion shoots with them.

So here's what happened with the Mini-Shoot, yes we had an awesome Photographer from Kawaii Photography :) Amazing! I can never picture myself as something Kawaii, but they told me I'm chinita so I think Kawaii style suits me, but I always tell people: "No! I'll do everything just to be Alexa Chung, the fat chinese version"  Lol hahahaha kidding aside. 

Don't you just love the Dress? It shouts Sassy Pink all over!

Sunnies from Forever 21 (over-used, I know haha), Ring from Fingertip Accessories
Because I brought minimal shoes. Ugh! I had a hard time pairing it with the dresses I chose. :( Good Thing Ate Abby let me borrowed her sort-of Moccasin Shoes. Saved! Haha She told me it's from the Thrift Shop :) I love it! 
Here comes the Hide the big Legs pose! Lol

It's a wrap everybody! Haha

I've been saying this a million times now, but I'm really just grateful for this wonderful opportunity. Even if I'm not a Model nor a Fashion-nazi, if you really want something the world conspires to help you achieve what you want (-The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho)

Sincerely, I'm-not-able-to-proof-read-this-because-I-have-exams-tomorrow, Anna :)