August 20, 2012

Let your shoes be something Significant

As an observant girl, I always wander my thoughts at how people carry their shoes everyday. I mean there is so much to say about a Person's pair of shoes. You can see how they view life by just merely looking at their shoes. They are always the most special and the most needed.

People walk on different shoes; flats, high-heeled (depending on the inches they can carry) etc. But the most important thing is, how do we make our shoes, significant? Some of us, aren't always ready to run and walk with bare feet, we always put on our best rubber shoes. Some people, have the perfect pair of shoes, making us really jealous sometimes, so we try our best to improve our own shoes.

Well maybe some of us have these dull shoes right now, and we barely know what to do with it, it stands on an Idle ground even if we know it's something useful. I just find it vague and I never really knew the answer to how I'll make it as something significant without being overshadowed by insecurities and stereotyping. It's just that, I look at some people and I try to see clearly what they are up to everyday through their shoes. I am a bit of perplexed to those people who wear extravagant shoes which are not really for them, just for the sake of popularity and for the sake of getting a social status. But my question is, Are you happy about it?

You see, when we are trying to be significant, There are many things to consider but the most essential thing is the one who can bravely take off her shoes just to feel what it's like to be ourselves and do something that really makes us happy, not on how you impressed others. That is always the real admirable thing.