August 23, 2012

A life little less happy

I got a little bit uninspired these past months. Did you miss the sweeteranna? Because, I do miss myself. I miss over-thinking my realizations, I miss being melodramatic, I miss being the hopeless romantic, I miss talking about anything that captures me. I know that most of you might not have felt this way. Although, there are these days when I just feel so dumb, shy and awkward. I can't barely put everything into words. But right now, all I am feeling is I don't know, Blank maybe? I am a little less happy right now :( 

I listed down 5 theories regarding my sadness

1.) I just can't fathom the feelings I have for my Filipino teacher, who DOESN'T appreciate my answers in class. I mean, let's face it, I really suck in Filipino but that doesn't mean I am not trying. I just wish he knows, because even if I am really talkative in class, I am listening. Ahhhhh I just really don't know what to do.

2.) I am always reprimanded by my parents to be organized and lady-like as possible. (This, I say, is my own FAT FAULT) I can't stop from being a lazy-couch and childish sort of pre-school-girl-thinker. Is there any medicine for this kind of sickness?

3.) I am having an attitude problem, with AUTHORITATIVE people. Am I such a shallow baby? I hate being rebuked by something I exactly know what to do :( And when I am pissed I just keep my mouth shut. asdfghjkl never really fighting for my rights. -_____-

4.) I am Idle. Really Idle. I am not anymore doing any Charity Works. I really want to volunteer. Or be a Student Leader Instead. But I just can't, which leads me to number five

5.) How can I ever be a Model Student if I'm flunking my own class? People, even if it will take hundred of years for me to achieve President's Lister. I won't give up! (Talk about, Extreme Fighting Spirit) I know it's impossible, basing on the standing I have right now most especially with my life saving scores! (And again, I'll admit that it's all my FAULT. Have you ever picture me as the relax kid, who still watch ''How I met your mother / Suits'' in the middle of the night, when there's a long quiz the next day? Clap Clap) I am indeed Looking for an EXPERT Doctor!

At this point, I just wanna be happy and forget everything.

Love, Anna

Photos re-blogged from tumblr :)