June 17, 2012

She's one lucky Girl

"I woke up this morning, and suddenly I was precarious to whether greet this day a Happy Fathers' Day :| because I had the feeling that somebody isn't happy for the Fathers' Day today."

Dear Somebody,

You don't know how much, I was scared to know that your Dad was gone :( I was scared because in movies, I watch people change when their parents are incomplete anymore. I watch people change when their parents die :( I never want you to change. You were the best person I've ever known, though you are paranoid at times and everyone else hates it. (But I don't, because I feel you) You were always true to me in every ways. Remember the time when I had my magazine published then I run out of money? You put out all your money, just so you can help me. You've been there for me through rainy days and sunny days. You've cried when my UV-rays umbrella was lost. You've been there when I was rejected to prom. You've been there with me ever since, I met you :( I was really blind to see what you've always done for me. I have treated you just another close friend and you've treated me more than that. I don't want you to change. I am one lucky girl.

In life when people die, what is essential is not the Birth Date nor the Day he died but the Little Dash between them. I first heard about your dad when we were in High school together, you said he was a Principal, from what you've said, I already knew that your dad was a great Person. Forgive me, for being irritated when you reject my "Party invitations" because your father didn't let you go. I knew he was very strict. :( But now, that he was gone, I understand that he was strict because he loves you and trusted you so dearly because you were the eldest. You have to set Good Examples and not to party in a club. You are one lucky girl.

When people die, we cry not because he died straightaway without expecting it, we cry because we remember moments. Morrie said, "Death ends a life, not a relationship." True. Imagine, those families, who every morning fought, imagine those who were divorced, imagine those children who have never known their dad from the beginning. Comparing to them, you were the luckiest girl :( It's Sad to know that you'd not be living the same like before, you will now carry the burden of living in an incomplete family, Nobody said it was easy. But be strong though how tough life gets, maintain your smile :) You always have that crooked teeth, that we love.

I will always be here for you, like how you've been there for me ever since. I'll cry with you :)

Happy Fathers' Day 

&& Advance Happy 18th Birthday 

Sweetly yours, Anna