June 22, 2012

Be motivated :)

I can no longer live this way. Since, I will be coping up with my studies :( Although, I'm enjoying our lessons right now because it seems that everyday we have puzzles to unveil but I also need to stay away from being lax (If I want to have a relax life after college!) Hahahaha I love finance like how my sisters love it and because I love it too, like fashion. I also need to make a statement! I am trying my best to achieve President's Lister this semester (although, I think it's really really really impossible. But who knows? Everyone Can if we just believe and pray to God)

So with regards to my fashion diary, I think I will delay it for a week hence, I have to study in my Practical 1 :))) At least an 84% rating!!!! *Crossing Fingers* I will also be volunteering as a Digital Arts' writer in the "Legacy" Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants' (J.P.I.A) paper. An added business for me :( I am really now a Full-time College Girly. (Demanding Course!)

Studies first.

To  and beyond! 

Bye for now, Love and Fashyown! Hello to Financial Accounting! 

I'll be back on 

Good Luck with our studies! I'll pray for you!