May 18, 2012

Oh bored in life

I've been really idle this day, what I did in life was to stalk bloggers and watch movies -___- I so wanna go to the beach and enjoy the sun. I missed summer so much because of my classes. I hope I can cope up :)

Anyway, everyone's asking me about our shop, well this we promise: It's some day next week :) I know some of you can't wait no longer but, you just have to! We are having some sort of problems with regards to materials and time (Oh shit) Yes. But we are really excited to show you our designs. Added the fact that we intend to make something like this:

Like it? Then you have to wait a little longer :)

I've also been thinking recently to buy a new camera anytime this year, because I really need a Legit camera for blogger (Not that I am but well) I don't know. But I really wanted it vintage to add some sort of drama, and I want to enter to photography workshops too :) I hope I can make it this year. Pray!

I am also getting bored with life lately, I am not into going out at night peg right now Oooh what a dork, I miss laughing out with friends. It's just that I wanna experience being home bound during fridays :)

Added the fact, that I don't want someone seeing me all dark and 'manang' looking (I so wanna change my closet staples, I want it more fun and modern. I am just a sucker for vintage dresses that sometimes people got me misinterpreted as an Amish looking Girl) 

I've also been thinking to lose weight somehow because lately, I've been building this belly troops =)))
Forget my last statement, I wanna eat all day: 

Or I guess, I'm just gonna hit my bed right now

If I could only have a room like this. :)

I guess that's just it. K thanks bye!

Photos Reblogged from tumbr :)